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Benefits Of A Used Harley-davidson Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been a beloved brand of motorcycles for many years. Thousands of people enjoy riding their Harleys on the open road with nothing but the sound of the wind blowing past their helmet and the roar of the engine rumbling beneath them. Since Harley-Davidson motorcycles are such a popular and high-quality brand of motorcycle, many people search for Harleys when shopping for a motorcycle. Though buying a brand new Harley may seem appealing, there are many benefits to buying a used Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

First, used Harleys tend to be a lot cheaper than brand new Harleys. Buying brand new vehicles over used vehicles almost always means getting what you want for a cheaper price. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying a used Harley instead of a brand new one.

You may think that this would also mean sacrificing quality to save that money, but this is not always the case. Many people who buy Harleys tend to take very good care of them. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are icons in the motorcycling community. Most people who own them take great pride in caring for their motorcycle, which will show when they try to resell it. However, many private sellers will have decent or even low prices with room for negotiation in order to sell it faster. Dealerships also lower their prices sometimes in order to move their products faster, but they tend to not have nearly as much room for negotiation nor do they tend to lower their prices very much on their own.

Second, many people buy Harleys to customize them for their own personalities and styles. There is a vast array of add-ons and customizations that motorcycle lovers add to their Harleys to make them unique and stylish. Some of these add-ons can cost thousands of dollars and they can be a great benefit to you both on the road and if you should ever choose to sell the motorcycle in the future.

More customization means more added to the price, but it is most likely much less than what you’d pay if you bought a brand new Harley and did all of that customization by yourself.

Third, Harleys tend to hold their value throughout the years. Any vehicle depreciates in value once it has been driven off the lot, but Harleys are beloved brands that tend to hold their values steady even after changing hands numerous times. As long as they are being cared for properly, depreciation isn’t a big issue with Harleys.

Fourth, you have the chance to see and buy a rare or discontinued Harley. There are quite a few models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles that have been discontinued and some that are incredibly rare. Looking for used Harley-Davidson motorcycles gives you a chance to find, ride and own a motorcycle that not many people have had the chance to ride on before, own or even see. You may even get lucky and buy a Harley that is very rare and worth more than you paid for it.

Fifth, buying used Harleys gives you a wider range of selection than buying a new Harley would. Dealerships tend to showcase the newer models and not the older models. This leaves you somewhat stuck with just looking at newer models and any models a dealer may want to push out the door. Searching through used Harley ads gives you a much wider selection of choices in terms of model, color, style and more.

Sixth, buying a used Harley gives you a chance to get personal opinions on how well the motorcycle runs. Some sellers may embellish on their motorcycles to make a sale, but most people are very honest about their experiences with the motorcycle. You can get an idea of how well it runs and how well the owner has taken care of it after some conversation.

You may believe a new motorcycle has no problems right out of the lot, but this is not true. Many people buy new motorcycles and vehicles only to find an issue or factory defect that the dealership never noticed before. Previous owners usually know all of the current and potential problems with their motorcycles before they try to sell them.

Finally, buying a used Harley-Davidson motorcycle saves you from the frustration and risks of buying from a dealership. Many vehicle dealerships in general, not just Harley-Davidson, tend to try and nudge their customers into buying certain things they don’t need like add-ons, options or insurance. They also may try to sneak additional fees into your payment. In addition, buying a new car from a dealership has quite a lot of paperwork and financial issues to discuss and work through.

Buying a used Harley from a private seller requires little trouble or paperwork. All you need to pay for when buying a used Harley is the new registration, a new tag and, of course, the title to the motorcycle. There’s no need to jump through any hoops or get pressured into buying any additional features. Just be sure to check the NADA motorcycle value before you buy.

Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast, a collector or just someone looking to start off in the motorcycle world, a used Harley Davidson can be just the right motorcycle for you.

The Best Motorcycle Roads In The South Of France

Situated between the Mediterranean and the Alps, the South of France is an all-year-round holiday destination. The summer brings to light the vivid colours of fragrant lavender fields in the Provence, whereas the glamorous Cote Azur lures you with palm tree lined promenades and beautiful beaches under endless blue skies.

But thats not all – thanks to an excellent road infrastructure, the South of France is blessed with some of the best motorcycle routes in the world. There is a large variety of mountain, coastal and inland routes. In terms of mountain roads, you have the famous Route Napoleon between Grasse and Grenoble. This historic stretch of road is blessed with a perfect road surface and sweeping bends. The fact that Aprilia, BMW and Ducati have chosen the Route Napoleon for several motorcycle launches speaks volumes for this road. Apart from 2nd and 3rd gear turns, you have altitude changes which provide spectacular views. On route, you will pass through the Gorges de Verdon, which is the Grand Canyon of France. This together with the turquoise Lake Sainte Croix is a nature sight not to be missed.

Two other mountain roads not to be missed are the Col de Turini and the Col de la Bonette. The Col de Turini is part of the special stage of the Rally Monte Carlo. If youre after hairpins, this is the way to go. Once you get up on top of the Col de Turini, you can stop for a coffee and enjoy the view of the mountains and the rivers running in the valleys. But make sure you fuelled up your motorbike on the way, as petrol stops have to be planned carefully on this road.

The Col de la Bonette is the highest road in Europe. At 2715m you will enjoy spectacular views across the South of France and Italy. But dont forget to bring a warm motorcycle jacket, as temperatures tend to drop when reaching the summit. On the other side of the Col de la Bonette, you have a village called Barcelonette. A good place to stop and take a rest after riding these sky high mountain roads.

The coastal roads between Monaco and Saint Tropez can be compared to the Pacific Highway Number One in California. Just outside of Cannes you have the bright red Esterel rocks which sit in contrast to the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Continuing on to Saint Tropez you pass through the villages Frejus and Saint Raphael. Riding in and out of Saint Tropez on a motorbike is pure bliss. As there is only one road going in and out of Saint Tropez, you will be able to filter through traffic in no time. Beats being stuck in a car for 2h each way. On the other side of Cannes, you have three different roads going along the coast. The Basse Corniche (lowest and closest to the water), the Moyenne Corniche (in the middle of the two routes) and the Haute Corniche (highest coastal road). All of the Corniches offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Something not to be missed is Sainte Agnes; Frances highest coastal village at 750m. One word of warning is to avoid these roads in the holiday month of August. Due to school holidays, the traffic on these roads can get heavy. Best times are between March and May and September to end of October.

The Provence is a bikers dreams come true. No matter, which route you choose your ride past lavender, sunflower fields and various vineyards is something to write home about. And if you feel like taking a break, just stop in the next picturesque village and enjoy a Provencal cuisine meal. Our favourite villages are Lourmarin, Menerbes and Roussillion. If youre riding across the Provence you should not miss the Mont Ventoux also known as the windy mountain. This gruelling ascent is part of the Tour de France. The lunar like rocks on the summit give way to magnificent views across the Provence. You should also ride across the Alpilles, the Gorge d’Eygues and the Col de Cabre. You will not be disappointed.

Last but not least, the South of France offers sunny weather throughout the year. According to several weather websites, the South of France benefits of over 300 days of sunshine per year. Therefore, the riding season stretches from early March to late October. So no matter, where and when you ride, smiles per miles are guaranteed.

This begs the questions of how to get to the South of France. Nice Airport is the second largest passenger airport in France. Most international airlines serve this airport with several flights per day. As an alternative you can also fly to Marseille Airport. This airport is further to the West and offers the advantage of allowing you to explore the Pyrenees and Spain.

If youre coming from far away, it will difficult to bring your own motorcycle. In Cannes, you have a large choice of rental motorcycles in South of France including BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson and others. But only one of these motorcycle rental companies offers you one way rentals, motorcycle delivery and pick-up from the airport and can provide TomTom navigations systems to ensure you get the most out of your motorcycle trip.

In conclusion it can be said, that the South of France ranks among some of the worlds best motorcycle regions. Giving yourself one week to explore the Provence, Alpes and French Riviera will allow you to discover some of the mentioned highlights. If thats not enough, you can always come back for more. Thanks to the sunny weather, motorcycle smiles per miles are to be had all year long.

Motorcycle Accidents – What Is The Process For Establishing A Claim

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and your insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement for your accident-related expenses, it’s time you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to file a lawsuit. A lot of people hesitate to file a lawsuit, due to lack of knowledge and experience. This guide will help you understand the process of establishing a claim for the compensation you deserve. p>

Filing an Motorcycle Accident Claim

The first step is to file a motorcycle accident claim to your insurance company. If they to refuse to cover your claims or do not make a satisfactory compensation, you will need to file lawsuit. You can expect your claim settlement process to move in the following manner:

Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Sometimes insurance adjusters focus more on protecting the interest of the insurance company, rather than their customers. Thus, it is always advised to take your lawyer in confidence when applying for the claim. The purpose of hiring motorcycle accident lawyers is to protect your legal rights. They know how to deal with insurance adjusters and will also guide you about the amount of money that you deserve to get.

Presenting a Demand Package

A motorcycle accident attorney will investigate every aspect of your case to determine the fair cost of your accident related injuries. He will also take into consideration the present and future medical bills, lost wages, damaged automobile and pain and suffering. After analyzing all these factors, he will prepare a demand package outlining the true value of your claim. This package is them presented to the defendant’s insurance company.

Receiving Settlement Offer from Defendant’s Insurer

In return, the defendant’s insurance adjusters will provide you and your lawyer with settlement offer based on your case history. Your lawyer will then evaluate whether or not the offer covers all of your accident related expenses.

Settling the Claim or Filing a Lawsuit

If the defendant’s proposal is acceptable, then the case is settled among the parties. However, if you or your attorney is not satisfied with the settlement offer, or if the insurance adjusters seem unwilling to pay, then your lawyer will suggest you to file a lawsuit. On agreements, the case is filed in the court.

Preparing the Case for Court

In order to bring the claims to the court, the lawyer will file a complaint and provide all the necessary documents, including medical bills, photographs and settlement letter offered by defendant’s insurance company. You lawyer will also gather additional evidence such as recordings, depositions or sworn witness testimony, to be used during the trial.

Going to Trial

During the process, the defendant’s lawyer might try to settle the case outside the court, but if that does not happen, your lawyer will present your case to the judge assigned. After the presentation of the case from both the parties, the judge or the panel of judges will deliver a final decision on your case.

In order to make sure, everything goes in a smooth manner, it is advised to choose only a reputed and experienced lawyer for your case. Experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are aware of all the procedures, strategies and resources that will help you get maximum benefit from your insurance company.

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The Benefits Of Motorcycle Windshields

When youre out on the road do you have to deal with flying objects hitting you in the chest, bugs hitting your face, or do you have trouble steering because of high wind force? If you do, then you might want to think about purchasing a motorcycle windshield for your bike.

One of the biggest benefits of motorcycle windshields is blocking gusty winds that can often times make a trip more uncomfortable than it should be. Winds can be distracting to riders which can take away from the attention that they should have on their driving skills.

Another huge benefit of motorcycle windshields is the fact that they can block flying dirt and debris and prevent flying items from hitting the rider. Its very common to see pebbles or rocks bouncing around on the road because of gravelly road shoulders, and when rocks get rolling down the road there is the chance that they can bounce up and hit motorcycle riders. Windshields help deflect them so they do not hit riders while driving.

Also, motorcycle windshields can block bone chilling winds that are often experienced in the cooler riding seasons. If you want to experience the most comfortable ride when it comes to temperature, then you can install one that is tall enough so it can block all of the wind that would normally hit you and penetrate your clothing.

When a motorcycle does not have a windshield installed, then the rider will feel the force of the blowing winds directly on him when he is riding down the road. The winds will attempt to push him back on the motorcycle, so the rider will have to use extra strength and energy to hold onto the handlebars and not be blown off. Motorcycle windshields can block the wind and keep the pressure off of the rider, which will make it easier to handle the bike.

Motorcycle Gear Checklist For Safe Riding.

Besides selecting your ideal motorcycle, there are a few other items that are almost as essential if you want to enjoy yourself fully. Riding safely and comfortably can make the difference between enjoying the ride and anxiously trying to get where you are going. There are several pieces of equipment that you need to keep your ride as safe and pleasant as possible.

The Helmet
The debate over the right of states to mandate helmets aside; they save lives and prevent injuries and you should choose to wear one. When purchasing a helmet, first and foremost do not buy a used helmet. You have no way of knowing if the helmet has been in an accident and if it has it is considered compromised and manufacturers recommend it be discarded (although many allow you to return the helmet for a discount on a new helmet). Next, make sure to research your helmet options. This research includes fit, weight, the ability to customize internal padding, ventilation, and fog-proof visors to name a few of the features. The helmet should feel comfortable and secure and you should be able to move your head readily without it shifting and without losing your balance from a helmet that is too heavy. This is not the time to bargain shop, look for DOT and Snell ratings to ensure that your helmet has met safety standards.

The Jacket
A compulsory part of the equipment of any safe motorcyclist is a jacket. The jacket provides the rider with protection from the weather, flying road debris. Today, jackets are made from leather or synthetic materials and usually have padding on the elbow, spine and shoulders. This padding will help to protect the rider from impact by providing cushion for the areas that are most likely to be points of impact in a crash. Regardless of your choice of leather or synthetic options, it is imperative that the jacket fit snugly to prevent it from moving out of position, twisting or riding up during a crash. All other features, such as waterproofing, ventilation and pockets should be second to proper fit. However, once you determine the correct fit you should feel free to explore the wide range of features now available in jackets.

The Riding Gloves
Riding gloves are also extremely important pieces of your safety equipment. A motorcyclists hands are often the first body part to be injured during a crash and they deserve special consideration as well. The gloves should fit snugly so that they will not fall off but have enough ventilation that your hands do not become sweaty. They should fit well and feel good enough that you will not want to remove them mid-ride or will not want to put them on at all. There are dozens of features in motorcycle gloves and they all contribute to comfort; wrist straps, washable liners, insulation for cooler temperatures and water resistance are just a few.

The Pants
Riding pants, like the motorcycle jacket offer the rider protection from the weather, debris kicked up from the road and the road itself. These pants come with built in padding in the knees, hips and seat, options for additional padding, ventilation, stretch panels and higher waistlines and/or zippering and attachment options to the jacket for maximum coverage of the body. The pants are offered in both leather and synthetic options and complete the look and the full protection that proper riding equipment has to offer.

Regardless of the style, material or features that you decide upon for your motorcycle gear, spending the time to research your equipment and investing the money in your personal safety will both contribute to an optimal riding experience that lasts for years to come.