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car insurance benefits

Car insurance claim covers the repair or replacement of a car damaged in an accident and shoulders the cost of any claims for injury or property damage filed by third parties. A major benefit of having car insurance is to provide an economic safety for people. In a society in which most people live paycheck to paycheck, there isn’t much waggle room for emergency situations that cost a lot of money. Unluckily, car accidents are the kind of emergency situations that can easily use up a bank account. Even in a minor one with no injuries, the cost of paying for another person’s car and your own can run into the thousands. For this reason, it’s better to pay a monthly premiums that is known and within your budget than to pay nothing and lose everything.

Many individuals are still driving a car without insurance, even though it is required in most states. If you drive with uninsured motorist insurance, and are involved in an accident where the other driver is feint at fault, the damages to your car and any medical treatment will be covered according to your requirements, yet if the other party does not have money to pay. Mainly collision insurance covers the property and physical injury of the driver. The benefit of driving with insurance is the protection of the driver’s personal possessions.

By directly approaching insurance company can also save you money on your car insurance quote. This is because you can avoid the insurance broker and his charges. When the independent insurance broker is avoided, the insurance company does not have to charge you that little bit extra to cover the commission the brokerage. However, insurance brokers do have their uses, for example, they avoid a lot of the leg work that you would otherwise have to undertake to get car insurance quotes and then compare car insurance with many insurance agencies. We can get car insurance quotes in online easily. Instead of going to the insurance company and asking for a quote, you can generally ask for the car insurance quotes online from the company’s website. Another option is to go to a virtual broker site and get a number of quotes from different insurance agencies. Getting a car insurance quote this way saves you a chance in travel expenses, travel time and the frustration of having to deal with the insurance companies on their home territory. Nowadays, to choosing a cheap car insurance involved a lot of research and visits to each insurance company for a car insurance quote. Now all can be done through brokers and over the phone. The documents can be received by fax, email or by courier.

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Car Insurance for Your Ford Galaxy Will a Higher Deductible Policy Work for You

The law here in the UK mandates that everyone who drives a car must be insured by at least the minimum amount of liability coverage. Liability coverage covers any damage that you may do to another driver, his passengers, or his vehicle in the event you are the cause of a motor vehicle accident. However, liability coverage does not cover any damage to your own vehicle. You may also elect to cover your car with comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is what covers damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident or theft. As you look for car insurance for your Ford Galaxy, you may want to consider the effect that your deductible has on your premiums.

A car insurance premium is the amount you pay for insurance coverage. Premiums can be higher or lower depending on the level of coverage you select, your driving history, the car you own, whether or not you have any extras included in your plan, and the deductible you have included in your coverage.

A deductible is your “share” of what has to be paid in the event of an accident or other damage to your vehicle and in case of theft. If your Ford Galaxy has to be repaired or replaced, you must pay the deductible and your insurance company will pay the rest. But you may not be aware that you can change the deductible on your policy. Changing the deductible will affect the premium you pay.

Let’s say that you have a car insurance plan that indicates that you have a deductible of 500.00. Each and every time you make a claim against your insurance policy for damage to or theft of your vehicle, you must pay 500.00. If your car is damaged and the repair bill is 1,500.00, you must pay 500.00, and your insurance company will pay 1,000.00. If your vehicle is damages and the repairs cost 501.00, you must pay 500.00, and your insurance company will pay 1.00. If your car is damaged and the repair bill is 450.00, you must pay the full amount because it is less than the amount of your deductible.

By raising the amount of your deductible, you may receive a lower rate on your car insurance premiums. For instance, if you now have a 500.00 deductible, changing your policy so that your deductible is 1,000.00 would mean that your premium, or the amount you pay for your insurance, would be lower. But it is important to understand that higher premiums come with both benefits and drawbacks.

The immediate benefit to a higher deductible is obviously a lower premium. But the higher deductible itself can put you in a financial bind if you are ever involved in an accident or your vehicle is stolen. If you need to make a damage or theft claim against your insurance company, you will be required to pay the 1,000.00 deductible. And if you don’t have your 1,000.00 share of the cost of replacement or repairs, you may not be able to complete the repairs or replacement of your vehicle.

For this reason, it is very important that you consider the repercussions of a higher deductible insurance plan. If a higher deductible may not be reasonable for your budget, you may want to look into other ways to get cheaper car insurance for your Ford Galaxy. Some other discounts you may qualify for include limited mileage discounts, a discount for no claims, a good driver discount, a Pass Plus course discount, an age-based discount such as an over-50 insurance plan, a security discount for parking in a garage, and more.

If your car insurance company is not willing to work with you as far as providing discounts, you can look into eliminating extras from your policy. Many drivers do not really need a roadside assistance or breakdown benefit, nor do most drivers really need a courtesy or rental car option. Removing discounts like these from your car insurance plan can earn you a bit off your overall premium. Compare insurance companies and plans to select the insurance plan that gives you the best coverage for the lowest price.

Car Insurance In Uae- Things You Must Know

So your Car Registration is due to expire and you are poised to do something about it. First thing you would need is to find a Suitable Car insurance Company.
Starting point is Knowing type of Insurance you need i.e. comprehensive or TPL .Information on these is common in east and west , on Google or Bing.
However, see below, these are sticky points, the small print, keep in mind to turn these points into questions when you call or browse online for your car insurance in UAE.

1.Maximum Liability Clause

This is a maximum amount which your insurance company is willing to pay in case of accident. Very important point here is that this value should be a lot more than your cars insured value. AED 250,000 is a good bench mark. Do ask your insurer about this.

2.Off Road Cover

This would be the case if you are a proud owner of 4×4. Most standard car insurance policies do not cover Off Road driving. Make sure you are covered if you are planning to drive off road.

3.Issue of Named Driver on Insurance Policy

In west, you have to name a driver on your car insurance policy to drive you car for example your wife , however in UAE, this is bit relaxed, but as the saying goes nothing is free in this world, this comes with a clause. You could be charged up to 25% if your car collided when driven by your spouse. This is increased even further if your spouse, friend, or whoever was driving with your permission was less than 25years old. However Insurance Companies have different policy on these; do ask before you are insured.

4.Issue of Excess

Excess is minimum amount which you must pay if you are involved in an accident. Questions which you must ask your insurance company is how much is your excess, is it payable even if accident is not your fault, insist on standard excess which is AED250 for a Saloon and AED350 for 4X4. Expect a higher excess if you are lucky owner of expensive vehicle. Sports and two door vehicles invariably attract higher excess which could be as much as AED1500. Note, this question is worth asking.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable driving experience in UAE.

Adding A Young Person to Your Auto Insurance Policy

A few years you have been attentive and succeeded to lower your vehicle insurance price down. Just as soon your child has grown to the age he could drive. There are two main issues arrived to any parents mind. Should you let him use your car and put him to your car insurance policy or get him a separate vehicle and cover that yourself? Possibly you would be settling the bill at the end of the day.

Perhaps, you do not like to purchase for him a sporty car or thief’s most favorite vehicle. Definitely you should check the insurance grade of the car you are planning to let him use.

Now, should you allow him to use your car or get him an old one and insure it for the bare minimums with you being the main insured. Some smart father and mother may have been keeping that old car for the youngster for some time.

There is no clear cut answer to which car he should drive, however it could be much lower to have the insurance policy with your name whichever way. Your age and driving experience would still be the main criteria in calculating the insurance rates.

Furthermore, you might prefer to ensure that he gets sufficient driving lessons. This might be a better alternative than you teaching him to drive because it could keep you sane and lower the tension in the family. Furthermore, insurers provide savings to young people who received driving instructions.

If letting him to drive was conditional to him getting good marks, you will appreciate that it was a clever decision. Students could have additional price reductions for being successful in school.

A few insurance providers might allow some of the savings offered to their current customers if they need to include a teenager to the policy. For example, your child may benefit from your multi car savings.

If your company is providing an outrageous rate for adding the teenager in the policy, you should not accept it easily. You could shop around and switch every policy you hold to a more beneficial insurance provider if you must.

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Tips and Tricks Introduction to Car Insurance

Car Insurance Guide

An insurance policy is no lesser value than a biding contract, a legal agreement between the policy holder and the insurance company. In the agreement, the policy holder gets to pay a premium amount and in return, the insurance company will provide the exact coverage indicated in the policy. In short, the car insurance company will act in behalf of the policy holder under circumstances that are stated in the policy.

For example, there is an accident involving you and another driver. The other party’s car was damaged, and the driver was injured. If they demand for compensation through a legal court battle, then it is the job of the insurance company to act according to your best interest. If the other party would like to make it amicable, the insurance company will pay for it and protect you from other claims.

You must also remember that car insurance companies are geared for profit and not for a charity work. From that, they’ll do all the legal and extra-legal means, to the utmost, deny you of your claims. And not complaining when your claim is not granted is making them like a victor. However, if you know the content of the policy, plus with the aid of some legal experts on car insurance, they will surely get to pay for everything that is in the contract.

On the other hand, getting the fit insurance policy for your needs is very important. That is because it will serve as your -barometer- in choosing the level of insurance coverage. But that is not a problem since the internet generation. Using the internet, you could get thousand of insurance quotes from various insurance companies with just a few clicks on the mouse. And if you have lots of quotes, you could compare and contrast them to find the insurance policy that fits on what you need.

Lastly, all of the states require their drivers and operators to have car insurance as a way of putting their citizen to safety. That also implies that driving without car insurance is a violation of the law.