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Car Maintenance – Do It Yourself and Save Money

Recently, with current economy many people are looking for ways to save money. Many of you are switching to generic brand food items, lowering your thermostats and possibly combining trips around town to save on gas. One thing you may have not looked into is doing your own routine maintenance on your vehicles. As daunting as this may sound for some of you, relax it is not that complicated. An oil change takes twenty minutes or less, after you have done it a couple of times. Changing your air filter takes even less time.

On average most of us, realistically drive 20,000 miles per year. A little more or less depending on the length of your commute to work and back. That is five oil changes per year, at 55.00 per visit to the quick lube. Do it yourself for around 25.00. You can easily save yourself 150.00 per year just by changing your own oil.

Many things happen throughout the course of a year that you can save money on doing yourself. Say your headlamp burns out. You take it to a shop or a dealer and it will probably be 25.00 labor, do it yourself, nothing.

While my daughter was away at Collage both of her headlights burned out within three days of each other. Now I am sure she was fine driving around with one headlight and figured she would wait until she came home to have me do it. However, when both went bad, she had to act. Bless her heart! Instead of calling me to send her money to go to the dealer to change them she bought two bulbs at the auto parts store and followed the instructions in the owners manual and did it herself with a borrowed screwdriver. She was really tickled with herself.

Therefore, you see anyone can do maintenance on their vehicles, and it is not just for men either. To get started saving money on maintaining your vehicles, here is a list of tools you will need.

A repair manual specific for your vehicle – I personally like the one from Haynes, It has many pictures to guide you through every step. A combination tool set – A tool set with the most popular size sockets and wrenches. Most come complete with screwdrivers also. There is no need to go overboard and get the very best to start with.

A set of ramps – Drive your front wheels up on these, and you will easily have all the room you need to change your oil and do other repairs. An oil drain pan – This is a large collection container to easily catch and contain the oil as it drains from the oil pan. Most have a convenient spout so you can pour the used oil into a five-gallon bucket for easy recycling. An oil filter wrench will be needed also. All of the above tools may sound like a lot, but you can save enough just from oil changes alone, in less than one year to recover what you have spent.

As you get more familiar with doing repairs, the more you will be able to do. Hey, front brake pads! Most shops will convince you a brake job is as complicated as docking an aircraft carrier. I can do it in about 20 minuets per wheel. You can do it too! Doing your own brake pad replacement will equal a savings of about 300.00.

If the thought of working on your car in the dead of winter scares you, there is an answer for that. Switching to synthetic oil can greatly increase the miles between oil changes. This can get anyone through the coldest part of the season. In the fall, check your belts, check all other fluids, change your oil and you should be good to go until the early spring thaw. So, if the economy has you looking for ways to save a buck. Try doing your own vehicle maintenance and keep some money in your wallet! The worst thing you can do is not doing needed maintenance as necessary and trying save money that way. It will cost more in the end.

What Makes Hybrid Cars Unique

Hybrid cars are the fuel efficient automobiles that have a dual mode. They use more than one power sources such as ethanol, gasoline, hydrogen and solar. It has a petrol engine combined with the electric power generator. The electric power is generated by the electric motor power batteries. It is designed with the basic aim to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. It is different from the simple or non-hybrid cars in many aspects.

In a hybrid car, you will never be stuck with such a problem. Whether the hybrid car is a series or parallel version, it will somehow take you to a gas station. This is a rare convenience that drivers only discover when they drive hybrid cars. There are certain other features that make a hybrid car unique.

Similar to the ordinary gasoline powered cars, regular maintenance is necessary for the hybrid vehicles. The maintenance cost of hybrid cars is nominal as compared to ordinary gasoline powered cars. The hybrid cars have an ability to give the best, in any environment. Another advantage that the hybrid cars have over other cars is that it does not have an ordinary braking system. In hybrid cars, when you are slowing down to stop temporarily, the electric motor takes the strain off the braking system.

The hybrid cars are environment friendly because of less toxic emissions. It burns less amount of gasoline as compared to the standard gasoline powered vehicles. It reduces air pollution as it releases less amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Huge quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the leading reasons for global warming. The two factors that must be considered regarding its maintenance are: less use of engine and braking system, which makes these cars unique.

Another unique feature of a hybrid car is that there is minimum external noise in the cabin of the car, which means that the passengers enjoy a quieter drive. As hybrid cars use two power sources, they are available with automatic transmissions and a selection of power sources. The driver does not have to think about the gear and the power-source to use. Everything is automated in a hybrid car; therefore the driving experience is much better. The car gives its required power and depending on the speed, selects the power source or sources. Therefore driving a hybrid car is quite easy.

Hybrid cars offer the convenience and the space of conventional cars at lower running costs. Hybrid cars are now available as hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and luxury cars. Car buyers have a choice of buying a suitable hybrid that meets their transportation needs.

Whereas, the hybrid cars furnished with electric-powered engines, have a set of powerful batteries which provide power to the electric motor that accelerates the hybrid cars. Moreover, the by-products are pollution-free and the batteries take less time to recharge.

Other attractive features include maximum efficiency of fuel and minimum-drag tires. Many lightweight materials mainly carbon fibres are greatly reduced. The body is especially aerodynamically designed. The hybrid cars are manufactured to attain high speed with minimized fuel consumption and gaseous emission. The cost of the hybrid cars has made it affordable for everyone. The manufacturers are still researching on the methods to further reduce the fuel consumption.

Car Air Fresheners – Keeping The Car Interior Smelling Fresh

No matter how you look at it, it is enjoyable to sit inside the car that smells good. But no one would want to stay long inside the car if it smells wrong. Most of the time, the profession or what a person does affect the smell inside the car. So if the person breeds dogs for a living, the car’s inside would have canine scent. Thus, the use of car air freshener is a huge suggestion for such thing.

In the past, we would usually see a Christmas tree hanging by the car’s rear view mirror. This little dangling token is more than accessory used to decorate the car for it is also serves as a scented air freshener. However, such air fresheners are no longer common today. Nowadays, car interiors are able to have freshening scents thanks to the dedicated car air freshener diffuser installed in the dashboard of the car. With this little device, the entire interior of the car will be able to have a freshening scent. With the help of the car’s ventilation, the fragrance is then evenly distributed inside the car. The scent would then be smelled by anyone inside the car be it at the front or the backside of the car.

Unlike the old car fresheners where one has to hang them on the dash board or open a can of car freshener, the car freshener dispensers used today are different. When it comes to dispensers, the scents used come as cartridges. Since the scents are in cartridge form, they can be replaced easily with a new or a different one. Usually, these cartridge scents may last for months, however, it will always depend on its use. Furthermore, cartridges differ in terms of cost as well as scents.

Generally, the traditional car fresheners would be the best option if car freshener diffusers are impossible inside the car. Fortunately, one can use a mounted car freshener, which comes in different brands. If one doesn’t want mounted car fresheners, then another options is aerosol sprays. These kinds of car fresheners have different fragrances, which can be used easily. If possible, car fresheners can be made personally.

Even if there’s a wet dog inside the car or a bag of fertilizers inside the car, there’s no need to suffer such scent while inside the car. What one must do is open a can of air freshener or spray the inside of the car with aerosol freshener or turn on the diffuser. With car fresheners, any insulting smell would be replaced with a friendly one.

It’s better to click on this to educate yourself more: The is an excellent site to go to if you wish to read more about this topic.

All About Rc Cars

What are RC cars?
They are only a small version of real cars. These remote controlled or radio controlled masterpieces are a huge example of the gaming world. Whether you are an adult or a small kid, this hobby can literally fascinate your enthusiasm and excitement by bringing it to use. Normally, the remote controlled cars are operated through a remote which controls all the actions. While the radio controlled cars are a new invention. These cars are wireless and work through radio frequencies.

What are the types of RC cars?
There are basically two types of RC cars Electric and Nitro powered. Electric RC cars are perfect for beginners and children. They are comparatively easier to learn and handle. Nitro powered consists of higher speed and are have more powerful engines. As you become habitual, you can buy this version. The other factor about types of RC cars also consists of on road and off road cars. The on road cars work well on the roads, but cannot be worked on soil, grass or hills. For that purpose, you will have to buy off road RC cars.

Who can develop this as a hobby?
Literally anyone, Age is no limit. RC cars are good at influencing the kid inside you. This hobby is very useful as it will keep you active and passionate. It is easy to learn and fun to explore.

Is it expensive?
Well, not actually. If you are a beginner, it is certainly not. You can start with the electric RC cars as they are not expensive and any damage to it wouldnt hurt you too. However, if you go for nitro powered or custom made RC cars, it definitely is expensive. Due to higher powered engines and structure, the prices become more. But, with high prices, comes better and advanced designs as these RC cars are huge in size too.

How to select the best RC car for you?
Its easy. Do not get carried away with the structure or looks as, later you have to deal with its functions. So, concentrate on that while purchasing and RC car. They are available in huge number of designs. Buy the one that perfectly fulfills your purpose. If you do not want to invest a lot of money, you can simply buy the electric versions to begin with.

What is the difference between RC cars and real cars?
The new advancements in technology used for the production and designing of RC cars is commendable. You can run your RC car on the road, grass, hillside or anywhere else. There are few models which can literally perform stunts and can easily move forward, backward, or round. So practically, the only difference between real cars and RC cars is the size for that matter.

Learn How To Get Rid Of A Car You Owe Money On

Learning how to get rid of a car you owe money on, isn’t as hard as it may seem. Everyday people are getting rid of their cars that they owe money on. They are either selling them or trading them in. It is a little different getting rid of a car that you owe money on, compared to getting rid of a car that you own free and clear. Here are some simple steps you need to take before selling your car or trading it into the dealer.

Contact your lien holder and find out what the balance is on the car. Once you know how much you owe, the next step is to find out what the car is worth. If the car is worth more than what you owe, it’s much simpler and easy to sell. If you’re going to trade the vehicle in on a different car, the dealer will handle all the paperwork and clear the title by paying off your lien holder.

If you owe more than what the car is worth you can trade the car in for a cheaper car and have the difference applied to the new car. Keep in mind that if you do this, you still have to pay the difference off someday. It just doesn’t go away by itself.

Another option you have is to sell your car on consignment. You’ll have to check around to see what dealers have a consignment program, because not all dealers offer this service. Make sure you know what your costs are before signing your car over to the dealer. Some dealers work on a flat fee while others work on a percentage fee.

Selling on consignment saves you all the headaches and troubles of having people come over to your home and haggling with you over the price. The dealer will handle all the paperwork, pay off your lien holder and make sure the money is good. You don’t have to worry about anything. If you can’t find a dealer that offers a consignment program then check with the auto brokers in your area. Most brokers will have some type of consignment program.

You can always sell your car by yourself. You can put it on Craigslist, AutoTrader or Cars. com to start with. Before you put it online be sure and have it detailed so the pictures look good and the car looks sharp when someone comes to see it. A well detailed car can bring you top dollar.

The last thing you want to do is give your car back to the lien holder if you can’t make the monthly payments. This may sound like the way to go and it’s easy, but a repossession will show up on your credit report and damage your credit for years to come.