Car Insurance In Uae- Things You Must Know

So your Car Registration is due to expire and you are poised to do something about it. First thing you would need is to find a Suitable Car insurance Company.
Starting point is Knowing type of Insurance you need i.e. comprehensive or TPL .Information on these is common in east and west , on Google or Bing.
However, see below, these are sticky points, the small print, keep in mind to turn these points into questions when you call or browse online for your car insurance in UAE.

1.Maximum Liability Clause

This is a maximum amount which your insurance company is willing to pay in case of accident. Very important point here is that this value should be a lot more than your cars insured value. AED 250,000 is a good bench mark. Do ask your insurer about this.

2.Off Road Cover

This would be the case if you are a proud owner of 4×4. Most standard car insurance policies do not cover Off Road driving. Make sure you are covered if you are planning to drive off road.

3.Issue of Named Driver on Insurance Policy

In west, you have to name a driver on your car insurance policy to drive you car for example your wife , however in UAE, this is bit relaxed, but as the saying goes nothing is free in this world, this comes with a clause. You could be charged up to 25% if your car collided when driven by your spouse. This is increased even further if your spouse, friend, or whoever was driving with your permission was less than 25years old. However Insurance Companies have different policy on these; do ask before you are insured.

4.Issue of Excess

Excess is minimum amount which you must pay if you are involved in an accident. Questions which you must ask your insurance company is how much is your excess, is it payable even if accident is not your fault, insist on standard excess which is AED250 for a Saloon and AED350 for 4X4. Expect a higher excess if you are lucky owner of expensive vehicle. Sports and two door vehicles invariably attract higher excess which could be as much as AED1500. Note, this question is worth asking.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable driving experience in UAE.