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Finding A Good Motorcycle Helmet Is Important

Everyone likes to ride without a helmet. It’s a great feeling to get that rush of danger when you’re twenty, going seventy down the highway and feeling the wind whip at your head. But you’re not twenty anymore, and as we grow older, we also get smarter and more cautious. Everyone has seen a riding buddy get hurt because they weren’t wearing the right protective gear. Don’t let a preventable accident happen to you, instead invest in a good motorcycle helmet that will keep you safe as you ride.

Have you ever thought hard about what you’d like to see in a good motorcycle helmet? Most people haven’t, even if they’ve always made sure to wear one. You need to know what components make up a good motorcycle helmet before you buy. One easy thing to figure out is that you should avoid the half shell, or beanie helmet. You’ve seen these before, they look like something out of an old war movie? Well that’s where they should stay, because if you get into an accident, they aren’t strong enough to protect you.

You may have also heard of the three quarter helmet, which covers your head and ears, but not your face, hence the name. It is also called a modular helmet in many stores. This isn’t the safest motorcycle helmet on the market, but depending on what you’re looking for out of a helmet, it can still be a good motorcycle helmet option. If you’re someone who doesn’t like contacts, this helmet gives you the space to wear glasses. It also allows you to feel the wind on your face while still protecting the rest of your head.

If you’re looking for the safest motorcycle helmet you can get, a full face helmet is the right one for you. It looks a lot like a modular helmet, but also includes an adjustable faceplate, protecting your face as your ride, but also allowing you to talk and eat during riding breaks. This faceplate not only protects you in the event of a crash, but will also prevent windburn and harmful skin damage caused by UV rays. Full face helmets also have the advantage of blocking ear damaging engine noise.

As you’re looking for a good motorcycle helmet, can you save some cash by buying used? No, you should never buy a used helmet. When a helmet is dropped, even if there is no damage to the shell, the internal foam that protects you is crushed. This leaves you vulnerable to injury. So always buy new.

A good motorcycle helmet is an investment in your safety and in your future that any responsible rider should make. And you’re not giving up your freedom either. With the right helmet, you’ll actually have a better riding experience than you ever have before. The right motorcycle helmet will not only protect you, it will also keep your face free from injury, and from everyday riding concerns like wind burn and sun burn too!

Pull-Behind Motorcycle Trailers

If you are a rider and youve been used to hauling your gear for long trips on side-bags and inside bunjee-jumped bags hitched to the back of your seat, you might want to rethink the possibilities.

Trailers for motorcycles are coming in all shapes, sizes and colors and they are making it possible for riders to hit the open road with ease.

Weve all see it: driving behind a motorcycle out on the highway, somewhere between nowheresville and the next gas stop, with large bags hanging from both sides of its back end. Not only does the extra baggage add weight to the motorcycle itself, they also just look plain clunky.

Rethink the travel trailer and imagine a sleek, shiny black egg-shaped trailer that hitches quickly and easily to the back of your motorcycle. Pull-behind motorcycle trailers are making it possible for riders to hit the highway for days at a time, carrying everything from camping gear to work tools and other items behind them, rather than on the back of their seat.

You can virtually tow your luggage or gear behind any Harley, Goldwyng, Can Am Spider or Victory or any motor bike, trike or tricycle. Many pull-behind motorcycle trailers can be customized to match the color of your bike, trike or tricycle and come with accessories, including spare tires, covers, chrome trim and packaging and more.

These beautiful new pull-behind travel trailers for motorcycles are not your old-school side-car looking numbers in any way. They are hitched to your trailer hauler and the back of your bike and come in stunning colors and materials, including fiberglass and aluminum.

Your travel trailer hauler can also come with top racks for extra storage space or designed with platforms for putting other items on, such as ice chests, tool boxes, camping gear, photography equipment and more.

Why are pull behind motorcycle travel trailers and storage units so popular? Simply put, they make the art of road travel by motorcycle fun and convenient. They help take the hassle out of travel altogether because, as is the case with a trailer behind a car, for example, there is no constant un-packing and untying of bags to get to what you need as you make your stops along the way.

With pull-behind motorcycle trailers, you simply pull over and open up your travel hauler to get to what you need, fast and efficiently. Close it up and hit the highway!

There are even travel trailers being manufactured for motorcycles today that have top-rack capability for storing a bicycle! That means you can take you motorcycle out on the road, find a camping spot and then enjoy your other favorite sport: mountain biking or city touring by bike!

Motorcycle pull-behind trailers and storage units are redefining what it means to be a biker. There are no special requirements for licensing involved in operating a trailer for your bike, but of course you may want to make sure you practice driving with it, parking and maneuvering before you hit the road. Because they add length to your motorcycle, you want to know how the trailer feels and how much room you need to put it into a parking space, park it curbside and also how to safely make those lane changes on the freeways and highways.

Run Your Car on Water and Reap Dozens of Benefits

Running your car partially on water is by no means a new technology, in fact it has been around for many years now but it is only recently that the every day Joe like you and me have begun to harness this technology and use on our own cars in the form of a do it yourself add on which is attached to your vehicles engine so that your car can run on brown gas, or hydrogen technology. But it is still a new craze which is slowly catching on, but believe it or not it is something that can dramatically reduce fuel costs as well as cut down on harmful carbon emissions. Water for fuel technology is the car of the future, pretty soon all new cars made will be using this technology to help make our planet a healthier place to live. But what benefits can the ever day worker like me and you get out of water technology? Well here are just a few of the dozens of benefits available:

Save money; this might be one of the more popular reasons for converting your car to run on brown gas. By using this technology you can cut down on your gasoline or diesel costs by up to 70%, even 100% in some cases. This means that you will have more money to spend on the important things and you will be able to help beat the credit crunch.

Reduce emissions; if you are dedicated to being environmentally friendly but just cannot survive without your gas guzzling vehicle, then water for fuel technology can reduce the dangerous emissions from your car by up to 80% which means that you will be sending less noxious gases out into the atmosphere and in turn will make your carbon footprint smaller.

Clean your engine; yes, thats right, water for gas technology can actually help to clean your engine and make it run smoother and more efficient. How? Well, because you will be using partly water to run your car, the steam produced will help to clean your engine and it can also reduce pinging in your engine by up to 100%!

A smoother ride; yes, harnessing brown gas for your vehicle can make for a smoother and more efficient ride by cleaning your engine and reducing pinging, as well as reducing start up and making your ride a more comfortable experience. Water for gas technology is a must for all car owners who want to save money and help the environment!

triumph t595 tire size

Triumph T595 Daytona Service Manual

triumph t595 pictures
I’ve been riding bikes since I was about ten years old. It all started when my parents started gliding, so I spent most of my weekends at the airfield where us kids always has some form of two wheeled motorised transport we put together in the workshop, (or at least our parents did)! I had a break from bikes for about four years at the age of 41, then my best friend decided to take his bike test, so I bought an old BMWR1100RS to keep him company. That bike bought back my love of

1997 triumph t595 for sale
Recently a group of seven of us decided to plan a trip to Barcelona, travelling down through France and Andorra into Spain. I thought I’d change my bike for something younger.I have owned most of the modern Triumphs over recent years, and after a rather uninspiring visit to a BMW dealer, decided to take another look at this famous manufacturer. I had seen a few Rocket 3 bikes around and loved the way they looked. I had never ridden a cruiser before, so when the dealer offered me a test ride I jumped at the chance.

triumph t595 jpg
The bike is a Rocket 3 Classic, which means slightly more swept back handlebars and foot boards, as opposed to pegs, with a heel and toe gear change.Fixed on this machine was initially a bit intimidating. Everything was big! However, turning the engine on gave that Triumph signature sound – a slight burble from the three cylinders and slight whine from the cams.I gently let out the clutch, noticing how big the levers were under my fingers, and gave it just enough throttle to keep the engine just above tick over.

triumph t595 top speed
I decided to ride it around and between the three rows of parked second hand bikes on the large forecourt. The bike rolled forward.What I noticed immediately, given that I could only go slowly around the parked bikes, was how incredibly well balanced this bike is. With its massive 2.3 litre engine to the right and the five speed box to the right, Triumph has done an amazing job putting this altogether under the tank.The first thing to get used to was the bars. I am used to crouching forward and just leaning in the direction I want to turn. With this bike, and I guess any large cruiser, you have to actually turn the bars at first. I found this a little unnerving, expecting to turn my face into the concrete below more as the bike turned over.
triumph t595 reviews

Fortunately this did not happen, but I am still getting used to the throttle response and finding the balance between turning the bars and feeding in the power to get turned and upright again.The next thing to get used ton were the foot boards and their position. Being a cruiser the foot boards are set forward, so I waved my feet around quite a bit at first when pulling away, feeling for the boards.

triumph t595 fairing bolts
One soon gets used to their position however, and then there’s the heel and toe gear change to master.At first I simply used my toe to change up and down, but the main drawback with this approach is that neutral is much harder to find. Using your toe and trying to lift the gearshift from first to neutral often results in missing neutral and shifting into second. However, shifting down to first gear and then using your heel engages neutral easily.
triumph t595 daytona exhaust

Mastering the heel and toe does not in fact take long.The best thing about this bike is its power delivery. Unlike say, a Blackbird, where the power comes on quickly and builds, the Rocket is very easy.
triumph t595 underseat exhaust

triumph t595 workshop manual
The peak power comes in low down, but you never feel that the bike is urging you on. Yes, if you open the throttle it’s like being hit in the back with a sledgehammer, (I have a riders back pad fitted), but if you just want to potter along at 50-60 miles an hour around the lanes it’s very civilised and you never feel it’s about to suddenly leap away.It’s not a sports bike, so the usual comparisons I feel are totally pointless and a little silly; very few riders take their bikes to the limit anyway.

triumph t595 engine management light
The fact is this is one fantastic motorcycle, which for someone of a certain age and weight, who does not want to be crouched with their knees around their ears but still enjoys speed and wants to do some touring, it’s the tool to have as far as I’m concerned.

DOWNLOAD THE SERVICE MANUAL NOW = Triumph T595 Daytona Service Manual

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Can a Car Run On Water

Can a car run on water? The answer is, yes it can! Well, partially anyway. At the moment technology can allow you to run your car on water by substituting up to 70% of your fuel for water which can save you a lot of money and will mean that your car will go a lot further on less fuel. With the price of fuel going up and up and people suffering from the recession all over the world, it is not surprising that so many people are trying to save money and if you absolutely have to have a car to get around, then by changing your car to run on water you can save yourself bucket loads of cash!

But that is not all; you can get a lot more out of changing your car to run on water because this technology can also help to improve the performance of your car and your engine. This is because when you put water into your engine as well as fuel, the engine will heat up the water and it will then create steam which circulates around the engine and the pistons and out of the exhaust pipe. This means that each time you start your car you will be cleaning your engine out with a steam bath. This will leave your cars engine clean and free from any clogs which make it a better runner and will last for longer.

Not only does water technology help to clean out your engine, but it can reduce and even stop any pinging in your engine making it more efficient and smoother to run. By using brown gas or water technology, it could feel like you are driving a brand new car when you feel the difference in the engine. It might sound like something like this would cost thousands of dollars, but the truth is you can build this add on technology yourself for peanuts, using used parts from your local garage to build. What is even better is that you can download full step by step instructions from dozens of websites for a small fee which will also give you a list of equipment and parts you need so that you can start changing your car to run on water straight away. So can a car run on water? Find out for yourself and start saving money and improving your engine performance now!