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Is Your Automobile Heater Not Working And Making A Thumping Noise

Did you know that in many automobiles, with the oncoming of winter, many auto owners go to turn on their defrosters for the first time and guess what? No heat! It just continues to blow cold. What causes this problem? Well that is what we are here to explore and find out and even offer some possible solutions.

First of all which kind of cars is this problem prone to? Well it runs pretty extensively in the Ford line, ig: Ford Rangers, Expeditions, F150,s F250,s Taurus, Windstar, and Explorers. Also in your Jeeps you have the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler. Your Dodge Ram is also prone to this problem. Your Mazda pickups and Navajo,s are too. Lincoln Navigators, Mercury Sables and Mountaineers also have this heater problem at times.

So what causes it? Well some of the most common problems and the ones we are going to address here are the breakage of the heater a/c blend doors and the malfunctioning of the actuator motors that move these doors. Often it is a combination of the two that will cause a heater to not blow hot, or an a/c to not blow cold.

The proper routing of the heated or cooled air is critical to insure you get the desired air you are seeking. It is like opening a door to let the warm air in which in turn shuts the cold air out. What happens often in failure of this critical system is the blend door will break, usually at the pivot area. Some times in the manufacturing process when they install the under dash components, some other wires or parts will impinge on the opening and closing of the blend doors causing extra stress on the actuator motor and the blend door.

When the actuator motor or blend door is improperly stressed over time it weakens both. In the actuator, it eventually causes some of the plastic gears to shear a tooth, rendering the motor helpless. This is usually noticed by a clicking or thumping noise coming beneath your dash board. Also found is the absence of heat or cold blowing, or the all exclusivity of heat or cold blowing no matter what mode you put your heater a/c control in.

Another problem with the blend door that causes frequent breakage that they are made of plastic and when exposed to the constant high heat that the heater puts out in the winter, and then the cold of the a/c in the summer, it makes the plastic brittle. This eventually will cause the plastic to shatter at a stress point, usually the pivot joint of the blend door.

So what do you do if you turn on your heat and you do not have heat, and there is a clicking or thumping sound coming from under the dash board? Well in my case ( yes it happened to me) on my 2000 Ford Windstar, I went to researching online via the search engines. I found many forums where people with the same problem were relaying their stories. Some were still seeking answers while others had found answers.

What some auto owners relayed is that if you consult a dealer, you are going to be quoted an astronomical figure to repair, upwards of a thousand dollars or more. This repair will include taking your entire dashboard a part, evacuating your a/c system and generally a big deal all around. Some of these same owners in absolute revulsion at that solution tore into their dash boards their selves. They found that the actuator motor itself was fairly easy to get to, and by replacing that, gave a fix to the problem. It was determined that this could be a do it your self repair if you are handy with minor repairs. It could also be a repair done by your favorite mechanic who gives you better rates and more satisfaction possibly than your local dealers high cost mechanic.

But is that really a permanent fix? Lets explore a little further. A lot of other owners found that their blend doors were broken and just laying there and not able to function. Some times the air just made the door flop up and down. Some times it was a combination of the two components, the actuator motor and the blend door itself that was broke.

In exploring the replacement motors that can be purchased at some auto shops, it was discovered that they run slower and at a higher torque. Now what does this mean in relation to the total system? Well if there is any impingement of the blend door presently, say a loom of wires the the door is scraping on as it opens and closes, with the higher torque motor, an impending blend door breakage is probably in its future. This possible breakage made even more possible with further exposure to the heat and cold of the heater and a/c systems.

So it has been determined by this author through research and due diligence that a more effective repair, a bullet proof permanent repair so to speak would have to include the replacing of the actuator motor and the blend door whether presently broken or not. One can change out the actuator motor only, but if one wants to have to tear back into their dash later, then leave the blend door a lone.

However putting a new plastic blend door into your vehicle is not really a permanent solution as I found. Luckily upon research I found that some much higher quality all metal base blend doors are available for most of the models mentioned in this article. So if you have a heater problem and you think this applys to your problem do your research and try to make your repair permanent.

Arguments For And Against The Expensiveness Of The Mobile Locksmith Services

A locksmith is a vital resource in times of lock and key situation. It is also a fact that his services are not attached importance till the time one requires the same. You might require a locksmith for putting up a new lock on the door latch of your premises, or installing full security systems on the premises for the purpose of maintaining better security of the people and the assets.

The mobile locksmith would come to your site for attending to any type of lock/key issues on his or her automotive. It is often the complaint of the people that the locksmith services are quite expensive when compared with the time that it takes them to work efficiently.
Reason put forth by the people for expensiveness of the services are primarily based on the time taken by the locksmith to open the lock as well as the fact that the local locksmith looks to take advantage of the helpless situation of the customers. The people argue that they are mostly in the disadvantageous position when the locksmith is called and are weak on the negotiating front at that time. There is no disputing this fact but it is also true that the cheap locksmiths can still be called for lesser charge if the providers are selected very carefully.

On the other hand, the locksmiths advance the idea that their charges are reasonable. They often provide the justification for this fact by mentioning that they have to invest substantially during their training as well as on the tools and equipment. Further, they take the help from the nature of this profession that they do not get to the wheels very often. They even advance this viewpoint that the customers are duly informed of the charges and he can refuse to take the service if the charges are expensive. Most of the situations do have the time required for calling the other cheap locksmith. They also justify the addition of the premium for working in odd hours and at odd places. Their automotive based mobile locksmith services also adds to the premium to their charges.
Whatever may be the points in favour or against the expensiveness of the local locksmith services, it is not practically possible to get them to reduce their charges. The locksmith companies can not mention the price of different services on their websites because the real quantum of work to be done is ascertained only after the inspection of the site. This makes it practically impossible to determine what are the right prices? In absence of regulation, it is only the negotiations or the moral compulsions of the locksmith that are likely to reduce their prices. They even argue that less time taken shall be no criteria for saying that the services are expensive since it is more to the skills and expertise of the locksmith and there is nothing wrong if he, being a professional and an expert, charges more than the others.

How To Restore, Paint & Chrome Damaged Car Emblem & Hood Ornaments

Most car enthusiasts want to restore their cars logo emblems for their beauty. Beyond enhancing any cars appearance, original emblems also increase its re-sale value. You can purchase New Original Stock (NOS) emblems via the internet and local car shows, but you can save money by painting the originals you already have. Vintage, cast emblems have paint-filled depressions in a many colors. Most emblems are fastened to the cars metal body parts, and must be removed from the car for restoration. Emblems mounted on the car body feature pegs in the back. Punch holes in a cardboard box and slide emblems pegs through the holes to hold it in place. If you can not remove them, take the car to a body shop.

Car collectors save vintage badges and emblems because original parts are important to the car’s authentic restoration. Many suppliers now manufacture reproduction emblems (especially in China). Most reproduction badges don’t carry those original part numbers. New old stock (NOS) emblems are becoming harder to find, making them more expensive, so always try to save your original emblems!

Tools Needed For This Job:

Soap & Water
Toothbrush (any small brush)
Clean rags
Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Hobby knife
Paint stripper
Small, pointed paintbrush
Model paint
Paint thinner
Steel wool (extra fine)
Chrome polish

Is the plating on your original emblems in good condition? If so, matching model paint, a small-pointed paint brush and paint thinner will quickly bring your emblems looking like new again. To find the correct color, take your emblems to the hobby shop with you. NOTE: Model paint needs a temperature of @70 degrees or less to flow well and dry slowly.

Car emblems are divided into depressed areas with metal ribs. You must clean chipped or scratched areas to the bare, smooth metal BEFORE you even attempt to add any new color. If there are only a few chips, they can be scraped down to bare metal with the tip of a small knife. You might need paint stripper to fully clean out some areas. NOTE: Never sandblast chrome, as it will ruin the plating! You can use a toothbrush to remove dirt in the tiniest corners. After you remove the old paint, clean the emblem with paint thinner and wipe it off well with a clean cloth. Now, set it aside to dry completely. Then, wash it with soap and water, and wipe thoroughly again with the clean cloth. NOTE: Always work in a well ventilated area and properly dispose of all used containers and rags.

Before opening, shake the model paint by hand for a couple of minutes. Mix the model paint, making sure it’s at room temperature, so thin enough to flow freely. Pour small amounts into a clean, separate container if you are going to dilute the paint with thinner. Put a drop of paint on the end of the small, pointed paintbrush and gently, slowly place it into the emblem area you wish to paint. NOTE: DO NOT BRUSH or PUSH the paint into the area. Simply allow several drops to flow together and fill the space. If the paint is too thick, it will not flow enough. You must add more paint thinner to the paint bottle to thin it. Then, apply more of the now flowing paint until your area is fully covered. Position the emblem so it is level and let it dry thoroughly before handling. This can take a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on the thickness of the paint. You can use a hairdryer. or CLOSED sunny window, to speed up drying time. NOTE: You must clean the brush thoroughly before you apply a new paint color. Do this by washing the brush in the paint thinner several times.

Car emblem details are very tiny, so some paint will always end up flowing where it doesn’t belong. Let the paint dry overnight, then scrape unwanted paint off with a small knife. Scrape any spills or uneven paint, including raised edges. Patience is the key to success when working with extremely detailed, small pieces. NOTE: some imperfections were already present in the factory emblems, so youre not seeking perfection now. Emblems are mostly viewed from several feet away, and they look perfect from that distance.

Now that youve let the paint dry on your entire emblem, the last step is to polish the chrome until it shines like new again. Polish the chrome plating with a small piece of fine, steel wool. NOTE: Carefully avoid touching your new paint job…or you risk redoing it again. You can also apply a little fine chrome polish with the steel wool for extra shine.

Rc Car Painting

RC car painting is typically done using one of two methods: spray cans or an airbrush. Needless to say your skill level will be the ultimate determining factor since most people just arent that familiar with the intricacies of airbrushing. Both methods have their particular idiosyncratic advantages and disadvantages, however.

RC car painting via spray cans is the choice of many not only because they either dont have access to an airbrush or know how to use one, but also because it can be done quickly. A huge amount of space can be covered relatively quickly with a spray can. But RC car painting isnt the same thing as changing the color of a flag pole.

You want to be proud of that car and make it look as good as it runs. Although personalizing and detailing can usually done much better by airbrush, if you take your time and plan ahead, your spray can RC car painting can wind up looking quite impressive.

Of course, RC car painting with an airbrush is ultimately what you should aim for. The benefits of using an airbrush is that you have access to so many more colors than you can get from using spray cans. And thats saying a lot, because even if you do choose to use spray cans, youll still have over fifty different colors from to pick. But when RC car painting with an airbrush, you can exponentially expand those choices through mixing and blending.

In addition to more flexible use of coloring, airbrushing also affords more control in application. Unlike spray cans, an airbrush can be adjusted, allowing you to spray the paint as thickly or thinly as you like.

The downside to using an airbrush, besides your own level of artistic ability, is cost. For RC car painting with an airbrush youll need a compressor. You can try using canned air to begin with, but youll quickly find yourself spending more money than you planned on saving because they empty pretty quickly. Better to shell out for an actual compressor, preferably one that produces 25 to 70 psi. By pass the 1/8 HP hobby compressors and go for the HP. Since most RC car painting is now done with next generation water-based paints, also make sure the compressor comes with a moisture trap; if it doesnt, youll quickly find car covered in thick gobs of paint.

RC car painting with an airbrush requires not just air, obviously, but brushes. Ideally, you will want to own more than one brush, but since they can be pricythe good ones anywayyou may just want to start off with one. The reason for owing two is pretty obvious. RC car painting at its finest creates a work of art that combines both thick lines and fine lines, therefore you want a brush for both thicknesses.

In addition, the paint itself comes in various thickness and some of the finer brushes just handle the thicker paints at the psi the compressor puts out. RC car painting with an airbrush obviously requires more effort, time and expense than RC car painting with spray cans, but the end result usually shows.

Offer Given By Audi

Long lurk all through the shadows of two giants of German luxury cars, Audi has gained soil in silence as Mercedes car product sales hold on to lag. inside

the subsequent handful of years, Audi is most likely to pass quietly at the rear of Mercedes and BMW. they are thrilling times for Audi, however the many

years are not as well eliminated all through the times when critics referred to since the automobiles “overheated” Volkwagens. The occasions are automated

and fans know it. Let’s glance at some for one of the most beneficial add-ons for automobiles advertising Audi lovers! ralph lauren hats 1. customized Tail Lights. Altezza [or Euro] taillights stay favored between those people all through the aftermarket. The more mature type Audi, such as 90

and 200, these functions appear one of the most beneficial as new types reflect the newest pattern standards.

2. car Covers. ask any operator of an Audi traditional find out how to preserve the glance of your car and say: wash, wax, and cover. So, washing and waxing

alone are not sufficient. sustaining your car’s paint protected can only be completely realized by covering it receiving a fitted car include custom. The a

whole whole lot more layers the a whole whole lot better also for greatest protection.

3. Hood Protector. Some telephone call fasteners cars, even although other people telephone call bell guards. Anyway, you can safeguard your grill and give

your car a specific glance receiving a fitted car include custom. find only those people that come going to be durable and produced to the exact Audi you


4. Wheel protectors. not really a whole whole lot is even worse than a founded of wheels within a car looking dirty otherwise impeccable. By sort of reminds

you for the handsome confront wears a Ralph Lauren key shirt that may be to the yellowish stains below the arm! Wheel protectors can preserve your tires

looking superb and preserve the wheels looking bright.

5. efficacy Chips. Who says be certain you fulfill its horsepower? A efficacy chip can help your powerplant work smoother jointly with a whole whole lot more

effectively not receiving removing the fuel economy. Some aftermarket progressively favored requested by motorists everywhere.

6. efficacy exhaust. Borla moreover to other vendors have produced substitute exhaust purposes that could help create a whole whole lot more energy your car

acquire higher torque, and enhance fuel economy. These stainless metal components are produced of exact same materials that builds commuter aircraft, so he

understands he has getting hard. A good bonus can be the ensure that you simply get one million miles using the system! Audi also keen to customize their automobiles with customized sizing pads, reusable oxygen filters, efficacy rotors, heavy duty shocks, and especially any

other element imaginable.

In truth, this that Germany has produced a determine for himself as evidenced from the award profitable Quattro, a longtime globally mind in management. if

you actually individual an Audi, you possess a car that is specific to provide countless many years of producing enjoyment. Outfit your Audi all through the

wanted method receiving a superb efficacy and substitute components marketed by method of your favored on the net wholesaler.