The Latest Car Black Box Driving Recorder With Gps

With the popularity of private car and the increase traffic problem, car DVR system like car black box or video drive recorder which a device installed in car windshield to record video and other information related to vehicle impact or accidents has been very hot.

As a experienced and professional China electronics wholesale (, publishes a large selection of car DVR systems to follow the trend. Among abundant car DVR system, strongly recommends a brand new car black box driving recorder with cool GPS function.

Certainly, the new outstanding function of the item is GPS function. Except the traditional function of collecting and analyzing driving information, users can use the car black box to have right direction guide. Users neednt to worry about losing correct route during trip. Therefore, the driving recorder can bring not only a safe driving but also a correct traveling.

In addition to the cool GPS function, the China car DVR ( is triggered by G-sensor when sudden motions changes in X, Y and Z axis occurs, such as acceleration, sudden stop and sharp turns. G-sensor can detect the motion direction, and can take automatic record. It also has events record function, like sudden brake, turning direction, speeding up, etc., G-sensor can detect and star event record function.

One or more of these conditions may occur because of an accident. Information from device is stored in memory card and can be analyzed to help determine what the vehicles were doing before, during and after the crash or event.

The car mini DV ( record everything anytime during driving; provide evidence for accidents and other traffic problems. Any drivers will be able to easily record and reconstruct the course of traffic accidents, driver behaviors, protecting the rights of drivers by capturing all questionable events on video, and obtain strong evidence that will hold up in court to bring violators and criminals to justice.

Moreover, this cheap car DVR comes with very powerful management system. The management system is used for checking and browsing the record, which have built in flashes, users must install them. Users can use the video drive recorder to Check the driving history, Store the files as JPG and AVI formats, Information can be listed and browsed, Control playback speed, Control sound, Pause, image playback, Support check the location with Google map, Can see G-sensor induction table, etc.

Compare with other peer, the surveillance car DVR ( with higher quality crystal clearer images, due to its VBR image files turn to Nand memory, but other peers CBR image turn t SD card. Therefore, it is very clearer and stronger to know the driving condition; and the evidence will be much more powerful.

With the most competitive price and practical stable quality, the car DVRs win a huge number of customers both home and abroad. It is really profitable to cooperate with and wholesale car DVR direct from China.
Newest Car Black Box Driving Recorder with GPS

Best Way To Import Used Vehicles In Bangladesh

Since Independence in 1971 good relations are maintained between Japan and Bangladesh as Japan helped Bangladesh in its independence war. More than 90 percent of Bangladeshs imported cars, trucks, buses are reconditioned or used cars, mainly from Japan. Despite the high cost of transportation, the purchase of used cars and other vehicles from Japan to most countries is still profitable, due to the relatively low cost and good condition of the vehicles being exported from reliable Japanese used car dealers.

In year 2010 a total of 33,000 cars were imported, bit lower than 37,634 cars in 2009. But demand for used vehicles is rising in Bangladesh.

Know the rules to import used vehicles in Bangladesh:

1. No importation for vehicles more than four years old.

2. A certificate containing age, model number and chassis number of the used car will have to be submitted to the customs authority from Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI).
How Customs Valuation is done

The customs valuation of imported goods is done for assessment and realization of customs duty based on the normal value concept. Custom duties are generally assessed on the basis of the CIF (cost, insurance, freight and other charges cost of goods). Duties are collected by Customs authorities under the Bangladesh Customs and Excise Departments of the Ministry of Finance’s National Board of Revenue.
What Duties are applicable

1. Customs duty rates have been compressed to a range of 0.0-40.0%.

2. The 2.5% import permit fee is the only other protective instrument for most imports. The import permit system is now automatic.

3. A Trade Neutral 15% value-added tax is also applied

4. A 2.5% infrastructure development surcharge is levied on imports.

5. A supplementary duty is payable on luxury items like cars with engine capacity greater than 1,000 cc.

6. Used car importers need to pay 20% to 350 % duties on different slabs.

7. Members of Parliament can Import cars free of Custom Duties.
Import Licenses not required:

Import licenses are not required for any imported items except those on the restricted list. However, importers need to use Letter of Credit Authorization (LCA) forms to import goods.
Import Documentation required:

Unless otherwise specified, all imports transacted through a bank require a Letter of Credit Authorization (LCA) Form.
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Road Trip Preparation Prevent Unexpected Automotive Repair

If you are preparing for a day-trip or an extended vacation to unwind, having a “pre-trip” automotive service will ease your mind and possibly prevent an unexpected automotive repair that leaves you stranded out in the cold. Here is a simple check list to include in an automotive service to get you off to a great start:

* Vehicle Loading & Tire Inspection

Virtually all late model motor vehicles are equipped with a sticker located on the driver’s door or pillar. That sticker determines maximum vehicle capacity, which means the weight of the vehicle along with the combined weight of passengers and cargo. Don’t exceed the recommended load capacity. On the same sticker is also a tire pressure chart. Be sure to check all tires and make certain they are inflated properly. Tire tread depth should also be inspected. If tires are worn to a point where less than 2/32-inch of the tread remains, or if the cord or fabric is showing, it’s time to replace the tires.
* Lights & Horn

Inspect all exterior and interior light/lamp functions. If any bulbs are burned out, and if you are uncomfortable with replacing it yourself, take your vehicle to your automotive service center and have it taken care of. You will want to make sure the horn works properly.
* Windshield Wipers

Test the wiper operation of your vehicle. You will also want to check the wear of the wiper blades. If they are streaking, or squeaking, they probably need to be changed to make sure you have clear visibility in the elements.
* Parking Brake

Test the parking brake with the engine running, transmission in drive and your foot on the brake. With the parking brake engaged slowly release the foot brake. If your vehicle moves forward, then the parking brake is not adequate. To ensure your safety, don’t forget to have it checked as part of the automotive service.
* Spare Tire

Spare tires can lose pressure over time. It’s a good idea to not only check the pressure of the spare, you should also insure it isn’t damaged, as well as checking the tread wear and overall condition.
* Car Jack & Tools

Check the truck to make sure you have the appropriate tools and car jack (and that they are in good working order) for changing flats, etc.

If you have completed the above check-list and had a complete automotive service, make sure you have taken care of any deficient or broken items. Although you can never guarantee that something unforeseen may happen, you will at least be prepared for the unexpected.

Need quality automotive service? Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Clausen Automotive by calling (608) 221-8321 or go on-line at for more information. Since 1975, our family-owned automotive repair shop has proudly served vehicle owners in Madison, WI, and surrounding communities.

Tips For Buying Car Camera Recorder In Singapore

Car cameras are the latest technology in auto accessories and many fleet owners are installing car surveillance camera system in their vehicles for various reasons. While most car manufacturers are rolling out new car models fitted with car cameras, old cars too can be easily fitted with a good surveillance system. If your car doesnt have this modern yet very useful technology, then get one from online stores. Online auto accessory stores offer a variety of car surveillance system for all types of vehicles. It is a great product for both individual car owners, taxi operators and fleet owners to help them protect against theft.

What Are The Different Ways To Use Car Cameras?

New cars that come fitted with cameras basically provide drivers rear view. This makes backing up and parking much easier and safe. However, car cameras can serve many other purposes than just providing rear view. Fleet owners can buy a good car camera recorder in Singapore and install it in their vehicles to record activities of drivers and passengers. These cameras are also capable of recording journeys and can provide evidence in the event of an accident or theft. Vehicles installed with car cameras reduce the risk of thefts and speed up legal formalities in the event of accidents.

Tips on How to Buy Car Cameras

Whether you travel in your car frequently or occasionally, a car camera can always come handy if your car is loaded with expensive gadgets and accessories or when you are left with no choice but to park your car in an unsafe place. Here are some tips to help you pick up a good car camera recorder in Singapore. Some of the features that you should look for in a car camera are; ability to record events from a distance of at least thirty to forty meters, cycled recording, auto record on engine start-up as an optional setting, LED night vision for recording night journeys, high speed recording, anti-shake features, quick light response, PC or Smartphone view, loop video storage, video analysis and GPS data recording.

Why You Should Shop For Car Cameras Online?

If you want to install a camera in your car, it is always better to buy from online companies that specialize in selling car surveillance camera system. They are the ones who can offer variety in terms of size, features and price. Taxi companies, light van drivers and HGV operators may need these products in bulk and direct online suppliers are capable of giving you good deals, discounts and on time delivery of your bulk orders.

Darrell Waltrip Automotive Launches a Hometown Heroes Campaign in Middle Tennessee

Nominate your Hometown Hero, give recognition to your Hero and donate $500 to a charity of their choice.

Darrell Waltrip Honda provides an opportunity for those who have always wanted to celebrate their heroes for all the good deeds they have done. Darrell Waltrip Honda, one of the leading Honda car dealers in Franklin, TN, has launched its very own Hometown Heroes campaign to celebrate heroes who have made a difference in peoples lives.

Darrell Waltrip Honda has been a part of the community for a long time and, as our way of saying thanks to all the everyday heroes of the region, we have decided to introduce a Hometown Heroes campaign. Whether it is a police officer, a firefighter, teacher, mother, father, your local barista, or any other Heros who have made a positive impact on their community, we want to shine light on their courageous deeds. And for doing so, we need the help and cooperation of people living in the Middle Tennessee region!
Nominate your hero today by clicking here, tell us why you think your Hero deserve to be recognized for their contributions to our community.

Here are just a few simple rules to submit your Nomination for a Hometown Hero:

Nominees themselves must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and currently residing in one of the following Tennessee counties: Cheatham, Davidson/Metro Nashville, Dickson, Maury, Montgomery, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson, or Williamson.

Because every hero may not want public recognition, Nominators must secure their Nominee’s permission to submit their names.

Entries must be received by the fifteenth of each month.

Each month, the Darrell Waltrip Automotive Group will recognize one hero and make a $500 donation to a charity of their choice. Additionally, all heroes will also receive a special prize package as recognition of their own hero status. So, go ahead and nominate your own Hometown Hero!

Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any reason. All taxes and any other incidental expenses on prizes are the sole responsibility of each winner. Sponsor reserves the right to change or terminate this contest at any time. For complete rules visit Rules and Regulation.